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Responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated.  It is our pleasure to provide you with courteous, experienced, and professional customer service! 

Customer Service/ Inside Sales Representatives

bulletCleveland Branch:  ksell@csdohio.com bebecker@csdohio.com,   jgifford@csdohio.com
bulletAkron Branch:  kmiller@csdohio.com bfienman@csdohio.com bhunt@csdohio.com
bulletYoungstown Branch:  bwilson@csdohio.com bbertok@csdohio.com


Customer Service/ Outside Sales Representatives

bulletCleveland Branch:  jriegger@csdohio.com rsweet@csdohio.com jabuckeye@csdohio.com.   
bulletAkron Branch:  bbecker@csdohio.com.
bulletYoungstown Branch: braihall@csdohio.com


Management Team

bulletCleveland Branch:  jgifford@csdohio.com
bulletAkron Branch:  bhunt@csdohio.com
bulletYoungstown Branch:  bbertok@csdohio.com
bulletAcoustical Sales Coordinator:  jabuckey@csdohio.com
bulletGeneral Manager of Ohio Operations:  sthompson@csdohio.com




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